Matthew Williamson for H&M Summer 2009 Collection Commercial

La cancion ha sido escrita especialmente para el anuncio...igual la semana que viene se puede descargar de iTunes..rumores!!!

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  1. Always the same,it, s borring...this is how it started...it, s borring..it,s time to change..we need a change...I think,I think,I think like you..monkey see,monkey do....What are we doing....follow me and I follow you ...changeeee......
    hey, I like my horse
    I´m just like everybody else
    that´s just the problem
    I had enough
    I ask you a better place, better, better place
    why the pain you understand?
    look what you´ve done
    well I haven´t done at all....yet!!!

    Song featured on 18 May Facebook page H&M.
    Director Johan Renck.

  2. Thanks for the Info David.
    The song is out now. It is called 'We need a change' by 'Stereo lies'